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Social Media Best Practices

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In a previous blog, I talked about the most important best practice for businesses in social media: the social media policy ( ). And now I’d like to give you a few more general best practices that apply to any...
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Social Media Best Practices: Social Media Policy

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There are so many different social media channels and while each one is different, there are best practices for businesses that apply to them all. And probably the most important best practice is having a social media policy.

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The History of National Boss Day

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It’s finally here! How excited are you that it is National Boss Day? Lucky for me, I have a great boss (and yes, she may read this), but for those who may not be so lucky and have to sign the card going around the office with platitudes for...

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Understanding the Importance of User Experience (UX)

When I first saw the letters UX, I had to ask,

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