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Best Practices for Bidding on Competitors' Keywords

Jan 2, 2014 11:06:49 AM

To bid or not to bid. That is the question. It seems there’s a big debate about bidding on competitors' keywords when engaging in paid search campaigns. Anderson believes you shouldn't bid unless you know a few things in advance. The following provides you with a list of best practices for bidding on competitors' keywords.

Best practices for not bidding on competitors' keywords include:

  • Competitors are not bidding on your branded name.
  • You have a tight budget.
  • You're the one opening the door for competitive bidding.
  • Do your research to find out if you’re getting low-quality scores and high bounce rates when bidding on competitors' keywords. However, if your conversion rates go up it might be worth the spend anyway.
  • Remember you can’t use a competitor’s name if they've trademarked it.
  • You also shouldn't use a competitor's brand when comparing your brand unless you have a 3rd-party verification.

Best practices for bidding on competitors' keywords include:

  • Competitors are actively bidding against you.
  • Competitors are unintentionally showing up on your search results.
  • You have room in your budget to take risks.

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Leah Smith

Written by Leah Smith

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