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What Are Customer Journeys and Why Are They Important?

By Leah Smith on Jun 2, 2015 12:45:02 PM

The following is an overview of customer journeys, why they’re important, examples, and how to get started.

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Can BRCs Still Compete in a Brave New Digital World?

By Elaine Claussen on Apr 22, 2015 1:52:25 PM

Business reply cards (BRCs) have deep roots in American marketing, starting as far back as 1928. They’ve been around longer than Medicare. Frozen foods. Scotch tape. Canned beer. Teflon. And even Monopoly. But despite their longevity—or perhaps because of it—some companies may question their effectiveness in today’s highly digital world.

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Understanding the True Power Behind Marketing Success: The Offer

By James Pennington on Sep 29, 2014 2:07:24 PM

I've actively worked in direct marketing for more than 30 years, and never before has it been this easy to be a great marketer. The Internet now provides access to virtually unlimited free information on marketing best practices through blogs, webinars and more.

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Digital B2B Marketing

By Leah Smith on Nov 12, 2013 10:50:51 AM

Is Digital Part of Your B2B Marketing Mix?

9 out of 10 business buyers will find you when they're ready to buy. Digital B2B marketing can increase your leads and gain you 10x higher conversion rates. Learn why digital marketing must be a part of your marketing mix.

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Interactive Update: Apple Passbook, Facebook Ads and B2B Online Marketing

By Randy Everett on Nov 12, 2012 10:00:41 AM

The ROI experts at Anderson Direct Marketing (ADM) have found three important marketing developments in the news recently that will affect our clients.

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