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Social Media: Sound Off! How to Succeed in the New Age of Silent Movies

By Steve Stanard on Jul 11, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Video is what gets attention on social media. But what’s the best way to get your message “heard” when 85% of viewers are watching video with the sound off?

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Medicare Marketing and You: Working with CMS 101 + New Guidelines

By Lila Swedarsky on Aug 2, 2017 10:00:00 AM

While most direct marketers will tell you about the importance of creative and word choice in crafting any type of direct response advertisement or marketing piece, the importance only increases when you need to work within the guidelines of a government oversight agency.

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The Appeal of Something Real: Tangible Marketing Beyond Digital

By Steve Stanard on Mar 29, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Last November, I attended the Adobe MAX conference in San Diego. It was a massive event held over 4 days, attended by tens of thousands of creative pros from around the globe. The conference consisted of training sessions for Abobe software products, keynote speakers like fashion designer Zac Posen and filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, and much more, all designed to inspire creativity and, of course, promote all things Adobe.

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5 Digital Trends for 2017

By Melissa Martinez on Jan 19, 2017 9:21:46 AM

Feeling a bit behind as to what trends are expected in 2017? Fret not! With all the technological advancements that continue to pop up, there are many digital trends that are expected to peek their lovely heads out this upcoming year. We’d like to share five that you should pay close attention to and consider when planning your marketing efforts for the year.

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What's Hot in Creative: 5 Design Trends for 2017

By Ben Brown on Jan 4, 2017 10:09:00 AM

Many web design trends over the last few years have come about by a gradual evolution, rather than a sudden leap. Much of this has been influenced by the rise of mobile devices and responsive design, as well as an increasing desire to present information in a visually-appealing and accessible way. Some of the most interesting and important trends aren't brand-new, but 2017 will be the year they really shine. Many trends are even being combined to create richer experiences for users. Here are five examples that are likely to have the most impact on our digital marketing efforts. 

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Overexposed & Underwhelmed: 5 Tips for Marketing to Short Attention Spans

By Michael Walton on Apr 20, 2016 8:26:25 AM

Imagine being invited to a party whose guest of honor is someone you’ve been dying to meet. The place is packed. The cacophony of voices is deafening. Throughout the evening you make many attempts to introduce yourself, but you only get a few measly seconds of eye contact before their attention is drawn away by hordes of others trying to do the same thing.

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What's Hot in Creative: 5 Design Trends for 2016

By Ben Brown on Feb 2, 2016 8:29:48 AM

The last few years have seen some big changes in the world of digital design. With the rise of mobile devices and the importance of usability as primary influences, 2016 is likely to be a year where we see many of these trends reach maturity and become more refined. Here are 5 design trends for 2016 that you can expect to discover and see becoming a standard.

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Full-Service Marketing Agency Defined

By Michael Walton on Nov 12, 2015 8:19:15 AM

Immerse yourself in the marketing world long enough, and you’ll likely hear some pretty interesting terms and phrases.  For example, have you ever considered what the term “full-service marketing” means?

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Is Groupthink Killing Your Creative?

By Michael Walton on Nov 3, 2015 9:20:40 AM

The experience was all too familiar:  I was well into developing a new brand identity for a large company.  Great ideas sprang forth like daisies—not just from me, but a surprising range of people across the organization.  Yet these were quickly trampled and discarded by an onslaught of naysayers or literalists who held enormous sway because of their position.  This went on for weeks, squandering untold hours, fraying nerves, disrupting productivity and costing the company a pretty penny.  

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Visual Content Marketing – Why You Should Integrate It into Your Digital Marketing Approach

By Christi Watson on Sep 28, 2015 3:43:33 PM

Is a picture really worth 1,000 words? One could argue yes in the digital marketing landscape today. As data bandwidth increases and the amount of information communicated to consumers daily continues to grow, the challenge marketers face more and more is how their target audience not only prefers content online, but also the speed in which they can process the information.

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