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Is Print Dead?

Jun 12, 2013 11:25:35 AM

On April 24, 2013, Anderson Direct Marketing participated in its first Google+ Hangout. Creative director Carlos Perez represented ADM in the second episode of Xerox’s “Ask the Experts” series. Joining Perez were Gordon Kaye, editor and publisher, and Ilana Greenberg, creative director from the magazine Graphic Design USA. The question that brought these experts together was, “Is print dead?” All of the experts answered confidently with a resounding no. Kaye started the conversation with the subject of tangibility. With print, you can touch, hold and feel a piece. Other mediums cannot connect to us in this way.

Perez shared that a print magazine advertisement has 83% of the value of a 30-second television commercial, whereas an online banner advertisement has only 16% of the value of a 30-second television ad. Although, all of the experts agreed that the best way to advance your brand is through a combination of both digital and print channels. This conversation led to many more surprising facts about print media—how print partners with digital for powerful delivery and how in this environmentally conscience world, print continues to evolve into a greener and smarter practice. The future of print is bright! To learn more about these topics, see below for the full 18 minute episode of Xerox’s “Ask the Experts.

Kelsey Dale

Written by Kelsey Dale

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