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5 Reasons Why You Must Have LGBTQ Marketing Strategies

If you haven’t already incorporated LGBTQ strategies into your marketing plans, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity. Here are 5 reasons why you must have LGBTQ marketing strategies.


(1) $884 Billion U.S. Buying Power: According to Witeck Communications and Market Research the total buying power of the adult lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer population is $884 billion.

(2) Higher average household income: A 2012 survey revealed that an LGBTQ household median income was 23% higher than the American general market.

(3) Stronger purchasing habits:

(4) LGBTQ-friendly companies are rewarded by Non-LGBTQ loyal customers. Google's 2014 research "How Brands Are Taking a Stance on Issues" states that over 45% of consumers ages 34 and under will do repeat business with an LGBTQ-friendly company.  

(5) Personalized marketing works. Our brand messaging works harder for us when we truly use messaging to connect people on a human level. By acknowledging the LGBTQ community and including them into your marketing strategies, you can open up a whole new market and significantly build your customer loyalty.

To see Anderson's full presentation on LGBTQ marketing opportunities, visit our slideshare here

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Stay tuned next week as we continue our inclusion series, focusing on LGBTQ community.

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Leah Smith

Written by Leah Smith

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