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The Do’s & Don’ts of the DMA’s 2015 &Then Conference

Oct 2, 2015 8:51:20 AM

When traveling to a show, especially one as big as the DMA’s 2015 &Then conference, it is imperative you do your due diligence and come prepared. Even if you’re a tradeshow veteran or a DMA newcomer, seemingly minute items can sometimes fall through the cracks, presenting major problems. For both exhibitors and attendees, we have created a mini do’s & don’ts list to act as reminders for you as you prepare to travel to the &Then conference.


• Know where the Freeman Services booth is—you can add or remove services/items for your booth through them
• Know your competition—this is crucial this year since now all the vendors are congregated in one area
• Be sure to walk the floor (i.e., the experience zone)
• Allow plenty of time for booth setup AND takedown, and determine how that’s going to occur (sometimes planners discount the time/manpower it takes to tear down a booth and pack up)
• Get paperwork before you leave the show from Freeman Services for shipping and materials handling

• Don’t leave transportation unplanned getting to and from the show from your hotel
• Don’t let planning for booth coverage fall by the wayside—make a master schedule of who is covering your booth and when, allowing for client and prospect meetings and events
• Don’t leave dress code to chance—coordinate expectations with your colleagues
• Don’t make it difficult for a booth visitor to get literature or giveaways
• Don’t forget to map out your booth floorplan—make sure there is a clear path for visitors and those manning the booth


• Know where you want to go and map your show ahead of time
• Be early to every event you want to attend—keynotes fill up quickly, and giving yourself some extra time will be beneficial
• Know your show goals: know who you want to talk to, where you need to go, and establish what you are looking to take away from the show before you even get there
• Get access to speaker presentations—follow up if presenter gives contact information out so you can bring back the information to your organization
• Make sure you grab lots of giveaways—if you don’t want them, you can give them to friends and family (make the kids happy!)

• Don’t wait until you get to the show to decide what your day is going to look like
• Don’t come back to the office empty-handed—bring back as much literature and notes as you can
• Don’t assume you will remember all the information a week from now—take plenty of notes
• Don’t enter for prizes if you are not willing to be contacted

Whether you are an attendee or exhibitor, take time to really absorb the goings on at the conference. Take time to network, attend workshops, listen to keynote speakers, and walk the exhibitor zone. It’s crucial to take advantage of all that the &Then conference has to offer!

Want to get started planning your show? Check out the DMA’s schedule here.

This year, the DMA also has included a great tool to map your show through use of “My Show Planner.” You can find this here.

Lauren Gulley

Written by Lauren Gulley

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