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4 Key Results from Utilizing Addressable Digital Marketing

Jun 13, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Many people think digital marketing is king. But 1:1 multi-touch direct mail campaigns have repeatedly proven themselves the most effective way to convert prospects. So, why not have the best of both worlds? Addressable digital marketing is the answer.

Addressable digital marketing techniques let you have the best of both the digital and direct mail worlds—and improve your CPA by 20% or more.

Here's the backstory:
Traditional Medicare lists are typically a trove of personal information. By contrast, online advertising serves up offers based solely on the IP (Internet protocol) address of an individual’s computer, bearing no personal information.

Addressable digital (aka 1:1 targeted IP display) techniques marry these two approaches, taking multi-touch Medicare campaigns to a new level by marketing to specific individuals on a one-to-one level based on where they live and what sites they browse.


Here's the plotline:

(1) Use data modeling to target prospects with the highest propensity to respond and convert

(2) Match IP address lists with direct mail and email lists
     (BTW, the typical match rate on this is an amazing 75%+)

(3) Deliver ads before, during, and after direct mail in-home arrival windows—across multiple touches

(4) Watch your Medicare campaign performance soar—and your costs decline

It gets better. The lower CPA more than pays for the price of the additional media on an incremental cost/account basis.

Connect with us for live case studies on how addressable digital has propelled our clients' efforts!

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Scott Hopkins

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