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Building Your Pipeline with Instagram: 8 Quick Tips to Ensure Success

May 18, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms, boasting 600 million active monthly users. Nearly 60% of users say they discover new products on Instagram and 75% take an action in response to a post.  That’s a large audience of potential clients ready to interact with your brand, but are you ready to take on the ‘gram? 

Instagram is a global social community built on the power of visual storytelling. So make sure that whatever industry you’re in and whatever product/service you promote, you can tell the brand’s story with engaging imagery.

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How can brands post engaging imagery and video content to grow their customer base?  Here are eight tips to ensure your brand stays relevant and engages an audience on Instagram:

(1) Set up a business profile and link it to your Facebook profile
Fill out your contact information, including your physical address (if you have a storefront) and URL. Instagram allows you to view actionable metrics on posts and followers. You can cross-post, meaning what you post to Instagram will post to Facebook too, which allows for wider exposure. 

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(2) Use compelling imagery to tell your unique story
Give users a behind-the-curtain look at your company culture, or create infographics to explain complex/technical facets of your industry. And remember that Instagram is a platform all about the imagery. If your images and video aren’t compelling and scroll-stopping, you won’t get noticed. You can use apps like Layout or Boomerang to enhance your shots.

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(3) Build brand equity with a cohesive personality
Be consistent in your branding throughout all marketing channels, including social, by using the same look/feel of imagery, voice, etc.

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(4) Commit to a consistent posting frequency 
Whether it’s every day or twice a week, find a cadence that works for your brand and stick to it so your followers know what to expect and you stay relevant.

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(5) Create buzz and shape your brand around hashtags—#BeRelevant
Find trending hashtags that are relevant to your brand to increase discoverability. Posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6% more engagement. Hint: be sure to research hashtags before use to ensure they don’t have an unintended double meaning.

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(6) Share the love and cross-promote other brands 
This increases reach and recognition for both brands…a win-win!

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(7) Promote high-performing posts to a targeted audience using a clear CTA
Ads can be targeted based on a variety of options like age, gender, location, behaviors and interests. Be clear in your CTA (call-to-action): do you want them to visit your site or your physical location?

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(8) Interact with your followers and potential followers
If you want your users to engage with your content, they want the same in return. Comment, like, re-gram…all of the above. 

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Go where your users are. They are on social media, and over half a billion of them are on Instagram.  Use these tips to expand your brand by tapping into the world of Instagram. 

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