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Direct Marketing and Brand: 3 Essentials for Success [Series 1 of 3]

Feb 16, 2016 1:14:19 PM

Both your direct marketing and brand can increase revenue and make each other more effective. It is crucial to understand the difference between these two aspects of your marketing strategy and how they can support each other.

Your brand is your company or product’s identity—its personality. Is it traditional or innovative? Does it represent quality and status or savings and economy? Your brand is much more than a name and logo; it’s what you care about and how you interact with your customers and community. Your brand evokes an emotional response; it’s how people think and feel about your business. A brand is built over time.

Your direct marketing, on the other hand, has a single-minded purpose: to generate action—now. It’s about grabbing attention, communicating what you have to offer, and making it irresistible with best practices, like limited-time offers. Direct marketing is immediate.

The first of three essentials you must have for marketing success: 

A clearly identified target market

Your brand is your company’s personality—and it appeals to those who appreciate and value the brand attributes it conveys. When you target those prospects with your direct marketing, it’s like
turning a cold call into a conversation with a friend.

Take a look at two leading travel and hospitality brands: Crystal Cruises and Carnival Cruises.

250px-Crystal_cruises    carnival_logo    

Crystal Cruises is a luxury cruise line—and its marketing appeals to those who want (and can afford) the “all-exclusive” experience it promotes. From its stylish approach to photography, to its exotic destinations, to the names of its ships (Crystal Serenity, Crystal Symphony), to guest chefs such as Master Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, everything supports the high-end brand that Crystal Cruises has developed.

Carnival Cruises, on the other hand, creates a fun, party experience. It promotes onboard entertainment and bars, with Food Network personality Guy Fieri (of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives fame) lending his name to Guy’s Burger Joint by the pool. Low price is part of the Carnival Cruise appeal, too.

Both of these industry leaders have created strong brand personalities that appeal to well-defined segments of the marketplace. By targeting those segments with direct marketing that supports the brand, both brand and sales revenue can grow.

Visit their websites here to see the difference: 

Crystal Cruises 

Carnival Cruises

Next week, we'll cover the second essential element to a successful marketing plan- stay tuned!

Melinda Risolo

Written by Melinda Risolo

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