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Direct Marketing and Brand: 3 Essentials for Success [Series 2 of 3]

Mar 1, 2016 10:52:28 AM

Continuing our series from two weeks ago, we spoke about the first essential for success when combining direct marketing and brand. This essential you must have for marketing success is a clearly identified market. If you missed this post- don't fret, you can find it here.

The second essential in combining direct marketing and brand is a laser focus on marketing ROI.

The people who create and enforce brand guidelines often know little about direct marketing. In many cases, graphic guidelines themselves simply don’t support proven direct marketing tactics or a strong ROI. For example, Anderson has worked with brands that forbid boldface, underlined and italic type; whose color palettes are so soft that headlines and subheads fade into the page; and whose “personalities” are so strong that they overshadow the sales message and offer.

It is our responsibility as direct marketers to fight for the strongest possible strategies and tactics. Since our programs are measurable, we have the ammunition to do so—and win.

Exceptions to brand guidelines aren’t always possible, and requests usually require a formal review by the “brand police.” Their ultimate purpose, like yours, is to increase the company’s revenue. Any argument in favor of direct marketing best practices, therefore, must focus on ROI.

• Analyze your direct marketing efforts to identify common and differing elements among winners and losers.
• Contrast response rates, revenue, and other metrics to demonstrate the measurable impact that direct marketing best practices have on ROI—and the consequences of losing them.

Even with strong ROI arguments, maintaining the integrity of your brand is important. By working together and thinking creatively, you and your brand keepers can usually find good solutions.

Melinda Risolo

Written by Melinda Risolo

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