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Direct Marketing and Brand: 3 Essentials for Success [Series 3 of 3]

Mar 8, 2016 8:34:15 AM

Finishing the last post in our series that began a few weeks ago, we have already spoken about the first two essentials for success when combining direct marketing and brand. The first essential you must have for marketing success is a clearly identified market. The second essential is a laser focus on marketing ROI. If you missed either of these posts- you can find them here and here.

The third and final essential you must have when combining direct marketing and brand: strong, direct marketing marketing best practices

For financial services:financial services DM

  • Make the interest rate prominent.
  • Use comparison charts to show at a glance how your lower credit card rate or higher savings rate beats the competition.
  • When driving prospects to a retail location, include the nearest location address and, when possible, a simple map.
  • Showcase a strong offer—cash, bonus points, waived fees. An offer is essential, along with an offer deadline date.

For insurance:

  • An official look, such as Brown Kraft envelopes and important looking (if meaningless) bars and codes
  • Savings/comparison charts
  • ID cards
  • Offers, such as a gift for getting a free quote or a content offer to educate prospects

Specific industries may have their own set of tried-and-true tactics that should be incorporated into your campaigns. In addition, be sure to incorporate general maildirect marketing best practices, such as:

  • Make your benefits easily readable and scannable by presenting them with bullet points, charts, and other visual aids.
  • Include a strong offer (savings, service upgrades, etc.), along with an offer deadline date.
  • Use a clear and strong call to action, and repeat it often.


Melinda Risolo

Written by Melinda Risolo

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