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Direct Marketing Quality Assurance

Nov 28, 2012 10:00:40 AM

Back in September I wrote about our company’s quality mission statement, which highlighted how Anderson strives to provide the highest level of quality and direct marketing services in the industry. This time I want to share Anderson’s quality policy mission statement: We are committed to understanding our customers’ expectations and meeting or exceeding those expectations as we continuously improve our processes. As a company, we strive to reach perfection and are always looking for ways to improve our procedures.

You may not know this but Anderson has 3 proofreaders, a QA specialist in pre-press, data processing and production and a manager of QA. While focusing on our clients’ needs our manager of QA works with all departments to set up standard operating procedures to ensure the highest quality possible. Our QA team ensures that customer requirements (and expectations with regard to product performance, service and delivery), are determined and are met with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance must always be reviewed and improved and our QA team is constantly working with the management team, department leads and each employee to stress the importance of quality. Having this team is like having a nice warm blanket. It’s very comforting knowing there is a team who is ensuring that processes are being followed, customer requirements are being implemented, and each employee at Anderson is meeting or exceeding our customers’ needs.

Amanda Botzer

Written by Amanda Botzer

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