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The Direct Mail Renaissance

Oct 12, 2012 8:25:42 AM

When you think of words to describe direct mail, what comes to mind? Is “interactive” one of those words? If not, it should be.

Direct mail is in the middle of a renaissance. No longer is direct mail confined to using a business reply card or a telephone number in the call to action. Now, you can feature personalized URLs, data-driven offers, and QR (Quick Response) codes. We’re seeing levels of tailoring and targeting that simply weren’t possible before.

Personalized URLs are unique web addresses based upon prospect names and create a sense of immediate engagement with the recipient. Who wouldn’t be curious to see where a URL led that had their name attached to it?

Perhaps your company would benefit from utilizing your data to drive offers. Imagine sending out direct mail that provides an offer based on a recipient’s birthday, anniversary, or level of loyalty. It’s possible.

QR codes have been around for nearly two decades in the manufacturing industry. Yet recently they have experienced a rebirth as a marketing tool. Smartphones, armed with an app and a camera, can take advantage of these power-packed squares to reveal content, discounts, or offers.

According to a leading industry study, direct mail is still the champion when it comes to response rates. Currently, the average response rate of direct mail is 3.40%. This figure is well above those for digital channels. It bears mentioning, however, that this is a dip from the 4.37% direct mail enjoyed in 2003.

Does this mean direct mail is dying? Not in the slightest. What it means is that your direct mail must be dynamic. Supplementing your direct mail with the latest technology can increase your response rates, open new communication channels with your audience, and spark interest in your marketing efforts.

Have you had experience with augmenting your direct mail with technology? Share your stories below!

Ryan Dee

Written by Ryan Dee

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