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Why You Need A Direct Response Landing Page

Nov 15, 2012 12:37:25 PM

Landing pages, microsites and all things interactive are hot topics at Anderson these days. More and more often we are approached by our clients to help take their campaigns into the integrated marketing realm, and a great landing page is one of the best places to start.

You might ask: Why is a landing page important? Why can’t I just direct my audience to our normal home page?

Sit back and learn young padawan. The ADM interactive team is here to give you a few good reasons why this important element is not to be skipped!

Let’s Get Specific

By adding a landing page you carry on the message that brought your audience there and allow them to interact with your offer, giving you insight into who is responding, how they are interacting and which elements they are responding to.

It‘s tough to expect the same results from a home page redirect. “Your home page and Contact Us page are very generic and therefore poor choices for maximizing conversions,” says ADM Interactive Producer Randy Everett.

Don’t let your audience get lost trying to navigate a site. Instead send them straight to a landing page that reflects the message that piqued their interest in the first place.

Conversion, Conversion, Conversion

The #1 goal of a landing page is conversions. Unlike a home page, a great landing page will retrieve information about the visitor and generate leads. “A landing page is a single-purpose page trying to get a visitor to take a single action,” says Randy, “Therefore, only items that add perceived value—increasing the conversion potential closer to 100%—should be added to the Single-Action Page.” By focusing on the call to action with a landing page you gain a higher conversion rate and ultimately the benefit of higher sales.

So next time you are planning a campaign, be sure to contact your team at ADM to find out how you can take advantage of the benefits of a great landing page!

Lauren Gilde

Written by Lauren Gilde

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