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6 Free Online Tools To Make You a Superhero With Your Web Development Projects

Oct 8, 2012 1:23:25 PM

Every superhero needs an arsenal of tools to succeed. Batman has his utility belt, Superman has his super powers, and now you will have 6 amazing free tools to add to your arsenal. As a web development professional for over 14 years, I’ve seen many online tools appear and evolve. Here are 6 of my favorite FREE tools that I've enjoyed using recently to succeed on my projects…

SCREENR.COM - Web-based screen recorder for creating training videos with no software to install and it runs on a Mac or PC. Click to watch a screenr.com demo highlighting these 6 free web development tools!

WEBPAGETEST.ORG - Run a website speed test to test performance and troubleshoot for optimization issues. The waterfall report displays all objects that were loaded and useful details for troubleshooting.

MARKETING.GRADER.COM - Generate a report that grades your homepage, blog, SEO, social media, e-mail subscriptions and analytics.

CACOO.COM - Online drawing tool for creating diagrams, site maps, wire frames, network charts and just about anything that you can imagine.

PIXLR.COM - Browser-based photo editor with no software to install with basic and advanced features.

TRELLO.COM - Project management collaboration tool for managing your tasks with users on desktop or mobile browsers. Easily move project tasks from one project phase to the next with options for documentation and team feedback.

Video: 6 Free Online Tools Click PLAY to watch the video "6 Free Online Tools To Make You a Superhero"

Disclosure: I have no affiliation to any of the products or websites that I’ve recommended. When using CNN.com as an example in the video for some of the tests, I have not worked for CNN nor have they been a client of mine during my career…it’s just short to type!


Randy Everett

Written by Randy Everett

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