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3 Powerful Insights to Include Women in Your Next Marketing Campaign

Feb 8, 2017 9:30:00 AM

As we continue with our inclusion series, we will now shift our focus to how marketers can include women, most effectively, in their marketing efforts. We will take a look at why this segment of buyers is so powerful and a few insights gleaned from original research Anderson conducted.

The Stats

  • Women make 85% of all purchasing decisions
  • Women make up 51.4% of the US population
  • 91% say advertisers don’t understand them
  • 58% feel annoyed at how advertisers portray their gender


Marketing Insights

Last year, Anderson did an original healthcare insurance research study to better under the point of view of Gen X women, specifically, what they consider when making healthcare decisions. Utilizing this 2016 primary research and the marketing experience that Anderson has accumulated over the last 31 years, we have put together 3 key insights on how to better include women in your marketing strategy, no matter what industry you are in.

  1. Make women a segment
    1. Conduct your own research
    2. Analyze current database to determine profitability of Gen X members
    3. Assess your ability to segment and target
  2. Inspire confidence
    1. Still education work to be done
    2. They are making the right choice
    3. Let them know they’re not alone
  3. Channels—don’t fight the facts
    1. Channel preference is key
    2. Traditional channels first
    3. Continue to drive digital
    4. Dedicated microsite for women

Want to see the full 7 key insights from our research study? Go here.

Examples of Brands Doing This Well

 Women 1.png

Women 2.png

Women 3.png

For all 7 insights from our primary insurance marketing research, including our research results, download the full research results deck below.

Give Me That Original Research!

Lauren Gulley

Written by Lauren Gulley

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