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3 Must-Read Online Marketing Trends for 2013

Dec 10, 2012 8:00:58 AM

It's that time of year where holiday lights are being hung, decorations are being displayed and marketing experts are looking into their crystal balls to predict the future. The Interactive team at Anderson Direct Marketing (ADM) is continuously researching marketing trends and has compiled our favorite recent articles about Online Marketing trends for 2013.

(1) The Latest Healthcare/Pharma Online Advertising Trends

Summary: The pharma vertical is driving the increase in online ad spending, with a 45 percent increase in spend year-over-year. So what are some of the new digital marketing opportunities for healthcare/pharma companies? This article identifies five key trends in healthcare/pharma online advertising.

Snippet: 1. Increased personalization/customization, 2. Mobile becomes a basic, 3. “Safe” social functionality, 4. Increased transparency and validation of ad placement, 5. Online video as a replacement, or complement, to direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising

ADM Opportunity: ADM’s Interactive and Development teams are highly-skilled and ready to assist our clients with their online advertising needs including mobile, social, personalization and video.

(2) 2013: The Year of “Social Merchandising”

Summary: The evolutionary line is as follows: Social Media (2007) -> Social Marketing (2009) -> Social Merchandising (2013)

Snippet: The last several months have seen the beginning of "social merchandising" as a distinct discipline. The dramatic rise in popularity of Pinterest, Fab, Instagram, and others opened brands' and retailers' eyes to the opportunities of social product discovery.

ADM Opportunity: For our clients with physical products, ADM can help develop marketing strategies and landing pages to drive visitors from social networks (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) to product landing pages in order to increase sales.

(3) 13 Social Media Marketing Trends in 2013

13 Social Media Trends Infographic Click to view all 13 trends

Summary: Online, Digital and Social Media Marketing will be key initiatives for companies in 2013. The importance of building long-term brand equity and ROI will be key focuses. Social Strategies to develop targeted campaigns, leverage data and implement emerging technologies and tools will be the drivers for success.

Snippet: 1. Social Media Marketing gains impact as key marketing tactic, 2. Marketing turns upside down - consumers become the marketers, 3. Social influence moves beyond 'like' to incentive driven recommendations, 4. Marketing grows enterprise wide and can no longer sustain being a 'department', 5. Discounts and giveaways will incentivize social sharing of branding content, 6. Social media impacts business infrastructures - siloed communication systems are challenged, 7. Social channels integrate and align, 8. Rise of Augmented Reality - visualization over data, 9. Media spend shifts from display to paid and sponsored content, 10. Social Reputation Management drives ‘Do Good’ campaign strategies, 11. The dawn of social TV - where viewers comment and share during air time, 12. Social commerce driven by recommendations - rapid growth in digital wallets, 13. SEO shifts - less focus on tricks and more on good online marketing

Infographic: Available for download from Twin Engine

ADM Opportunity: The ADM Interactive team can assist clients with a variety of online marketing services, including converting followers & likes to sales by developing strategic plans and campaigns, utilizing social media monitoring tools (both free & paid), and the development of quality sharable content (whitepapers, infographics, videos, etc.).

Randy Everett

Written by Randy Everett

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