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Key Learnings From DMA2012: The Impact of Social Media, Building Relationships and More!

Oct 16, 2012 3:38:44 PM

One of our finest creative directors had this to share from #DMA2012:

Approximately 8,500 direct marketers are registered for DMA2012, according to the DMA. Based on the standing-room-only crowds at the sessions I’ve attended, they’re eager for ideas and expertise. Not surprisingly, much has to do with social media. A few notes from sessions and discussions with speakers:

  • Companies are increasing response with multichannel marketing, but it’s difficult if not impossible to attribute responses to a specific channel because they support each other. “Last channel used,” “first channel used” and other methods of measurement are flawed. One way to measure the contribution of each channel is to create a test matrix with one channel eliminated in each segment.
  • Consumer focus has changed from product-focused to service-focused to relationship-focused. That doesn’t mean consumers want a relationship with the company, but the company should facilitate consumers’ social relationships.
  • Getting good service isn’t enough for today’s consumers; the way that service is provided is critically important. Customers want to be treated better.
  • 50+ consumers still read more and need to be engaged first, then given the facts. According to a speaker about marketing to seniors, they need to be treated “with humanity.”
Danielle Nelson

Written by Danielle Nelson

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