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Brokers: An Insurance Marketer's BFF

Feb 6, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Creative destruction. It’s nature’s way of powering progress by replacing old ways
of doings things with new and better ones. But some approaches never fall to the hammer of innovation—because they continue to work. In the insurance business, cultivating broker relationships is one of those things.

The 3 E's to better relationships—and better ROI

Studies consistently prove that the better you equip your broker community, the more they will sell your insurance products. For maximum impact, broker support should follow the 3 E’s:

(1) Provide marketing ESSENTIALS

Brokers need to reach out and touch consumers across multiple channels to drive
response and conversion. So, they’ll need a variety of things from you:

  • Sales kits that explain the brand and contain marketing materials
  • Marketing Templates for easy co-branding and deployment—email, direct mail, and print ads
  • Raw creative assets for developing ad hoc communications in-house
  • Data and analytics affording insights to better understand and sell to audience







(2) Make things EASY

Knowing that brokers are wooed by your competition, and are often overwhelmed with other things, make accessing your marketing materials easy.

  • Online support portals are popular with brokers for pulling down presentations and other content
  • Modular sales kits make it easy for brokers to choose and deploy a range of communications with minimal or no lead time

(3) Ensure elements are EFFECTIVE

How? By following best practices in terms of format, messaging, and design. There’s no leather-bound book explaining them. Just choose an agency that knows them inside and out.

For more broker tactics, reach out to us. We would love to help!


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Scott Hopkins

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