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Casino Marketing: Customer Acquisition Rundown

Mar 6, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Over the last decade, the casino industry has wisely moved to utilize multi-channel digital marketing. Although direct mail is still the preferred channel of casino players, the need to fully embrace digital marketing is crucial to successfully expanding a casino’s players club. Casinos need to communicate using channels and media that their potential customers regularly use to engage and entice them to visit their property.


Facebook/Social Media

  • Buy ads and target people who fit the desired customer profile.
  • Target customers who visit your website.
  • Use YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to post photos and content of happy customers and activities.
  • Drive users to your website or get their email address for introductory offers.


  • Profile your best customers to find look-alikes.
  • Reach out with DM or email with high-value offers.

Travel and hospitality websites

  • Utilize these responsive databases to provide exclusive email offers to those people within your geographic area.

Behavioral Targeting

  • Follow potential customers who visited your website to present ads for your property on different websites.

Gaming database – Credit card cash advances

  • Contact ATM providers to access their databases, including competing casino users.
  • Profiling data from these transactions can help identify high-value players.

Partnerships with other casinos

  • Exchange databases with Vegas casinos and target customers in your geographic area.

Reactivate your inactive customers

  • Most casinos have a large inactive database.
  • Append your database with email addresses and send attractive “come on back” offers they can’t refuse.

By keeping marketing expenses low for these tried and true acquisition campaigns, casinos can add new customers within a reasonable budget and show a positive ROI.


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Russ Machus

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