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How in the Heck Does SEO Work?

One of the very interesting things about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is that while most business professionals understand what it is, very few understand how it works. It’s kind of like a layperson talking about a nuclear reactor – they might...

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Increase Form Conversions Now by Creating Less Friction

How many fields should I have on my online form to increase form conversions? There's no right or wrong answer when it comes to online forms field limits. Based on the 2015 report in MECLABS Research Digest, elements to increase conversion are:

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The Do’s & Don’ts of the DMA’s 2015 &Then Conference

When traveling to a show, especially one as big as the DMA’s 2015 &Then conference, it is imperative you do your due diligence and come prepared. Even if you’re a tradeshow veteran or a DMA newcomer, seemingly minute items can sometimes fall through...

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Visual Content Marketing – Why You Should Integrate It into Your Digital Marketing Approach

Is a picture really worth 1,000 words? One could argue yes in the digital marketing landscape today. As data bandwidth increases and the amount of information communicated to consumers daily continues to grow, the challenge marketers face more...

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Rebrand and Be Damned: Why companies should think carefully before doing a marketing makeover

Major companies spend millions, sometimes billions to create or recreate a distinctive identity, including a logo, tagline, unique selling proposition, vision, mission statement, plus various other brand accouterments. This is certainly time and...

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Proofing Checklist for Every Marketer

As a veteran marketer, you are typically more than comfortable receiving and reviewing creative layouts or proofs from your internal marketing team or external vendor. You know what to look for and what to double-check. As a new marketer or someone...

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Death of a Marketing Tool: Adobe Flash

For years, experts across every major industry have been predicting the death of Adobe Flash due to its browser- and desktop-slowing effects and security challenges. Many credit Steve Jobs for starting the movement to end Flash use in 2010 when he...

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The Play’s the Thing: Gamification as Direct Marketing’s Latest and Greatest Involvement Device

Back in the day, when direct marketing was new and giants like Les Wunderman and “Rocket” Ray Jutkins roamed the earth, you engaged audiences with proven performers like stickers, written checklists, tear-off coupons, membership cards and so...

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Someone’s Following You: Retargeting Tips For Converting Website Traffic

You spend a lot of money and effort to drive prospects to your website. But the reality is that perhaps only 2% - 5% of your website traffic will convert on the first visit, regardless of whether your definition of conversion is a product...

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Responsive Design: The State of the Art of Web Design

“The future of mobile is now.” -Jerry Dischler, Google VP

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